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QSL front side

QSL front side

How do you want the front of the card to look like? We offer several options

The Best Option (in our opinion): Order your QSL from our American Heritage QSL collection. Hundreds of historical photographs, going back to the time of American Civil War and thereafter. Dozens of design options available.

Option 1. You have your own digital image you wish to use. Send it to us. Well process and edit your picture (as needed), to achieve the best quality. Then we add an overlay with you callsign & text, and the design is complete. Keep in mind that the card size is 5.7” x 3.7 “ (144.8 mm x 94 mm). The same in pixels is 1710 x 1110.  For printing purposes, its important that your photo is high quality, without compression and not less than the above size, measured in pixels. Larger images are welcome.

Option 2. Select an image from our extensive QSL templates collection. We add an overlay with your callsign & text and the design is complete.

Option 3. Purchase the image of your choice from Can Stock Photo website (we are not affiliated with them). They have an enormous collection of images (example search for New York and get 20,000 high-quality images to select from). Stock photo would cost you $5. You dont need to purchase it yourself. Well order it for you, just copy down the image number.

Option 4. You are opting for an individual design – like combining multiple photographs. Use this option if you think that our chief designer should be put back to productive work immediately ))


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