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American Heritage QSL Series

Capture the Moment in History on you QSL

Below is the beginning stage of our endeavor to compile a large vintage QSL series collection.

We offer two basic QSL design styles. If you can do without 'aging effects', we can just place your callsign on a black-and-white photo. But do take a close look at the dramatic effect of 'image deterioration with age'. When we add a bit of 'design magic', your QSL is going to look much more expressive, leaving a stronger impression of time caught on the old photograph.

Links to the vintage photos section can be found below. Listed separately is the section showing various 'aging effects' to chose from

We show the use of several aging effects, color variations and font selections. Click on images to see pictures in larger size. For greater clarity, we selected several photos. They are repeated in multiple design styles. Every design can be customized and fonts can be changed to suit your preferences.


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